Duke of Lancaster is a new state funded special school for students with Communication and Interaction needs opening in January 2022.

Students attending Duke of Lancaster will have an EHCP and been assessed to demonstrate an ability profile which enables them to access a ‘mainstream’ curriculum and as such achieve assessment expectations including SATs, GCSEs and Entry Level qualifications where appropriate.

Students on roll at the school may have a poor record of previous school attendance, educational engagement, persistent academic underachievement, repeated inappropriate, and high-risk behaviour leading to frequent exclusion from school. Students entering the school may be working significantly below national expectations. Students referred towards may have previously shown signs of high ability or might have been identified as ‘gifted and talented’. Students who are high attainers will, like all others, have personalised plans which will promote their academic progress whilst supporting emotional and therapeutic needs through appropriate bespoke interventions.

Most students will have significant gaps in their knowledge and understanding across most of the curriculum compared with mainstream learners. Many pupils will have difficulties with numeracy and literacy, specific issues around dyslexia and dyscalculia and in addition may have been previously identified as requiring speech and language support.
The school will have a capacity of 100 students in class sizes ranging from 6 to 9 students. The school has a range of specialist classrooms and will offer Entry Level and GCSEs to students.

The age range for the school is 5-16 (Years 1 to 11).
Duke of Lancaster is part of Norfolk County Council’s SEND Local Offer. More information on Norfolk County Council’s SEND Local Offer can be found by clicking this link: SEND Local Offer – Norfolk County Council

We have a detailed and regularly updated SEND information report.

The latest information report can be found on our policies page – click here