Find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Priory@Thurston offer.

Priory school and SENDAT are working with Suffolk County Council to set up a temporary unit for children with cognition and learning needs. This will be based at The Priory School, Thurston site. Priory@Thurston is a new provision that will open after the October ½ term 2023 (Tuesday 1st November). All the students in these new two classes will be year 7 who will be on the roll of Priory School. Priory school have worked with Suffolk County Council to offer specialist education for a year and a term whilst new “unit” provision is being developed with mainstream schools.

The previous Thurston Primary school already has some other Priory students based there. This new group “Priory@Thurston” will have two classes of up to 12 students in each class, each with a teacher and a support assistant. Leadership and teaching support will be provided from Priory school which is 10 minutes away. We do expect there to be a room for cooking and music as well as a sensory room. Most of the teaching will be with the class teacher who will be supported to use the planning already in place at Priory. At least once per ½ term students will join other Key Stage 3 students at Priory, this will be for special events and special curriculum days.

The timetable of lessons will mirror the year 7 groups on the main Priory site as far as is possible.

As it is now the school holidays, please email Suffolk County Council team on and they will pass the message to the school, team to publish the answer.

We have two issues to work with before we can open this unit. We need to redecorate and make some alterations to the classrooms. Most contractors are already full of orders for the summer holidays.

Importantly we need to recruit high quality teachers and support staff. Although we will start on this over the summer its unlikely that we will be able to start until after 1/2 term.

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