Governance is vital to SENDAT’s success.

As part of SENDAT we have Members, Trustees and Local Academy Board representatives (LAB)

Each school has its own LAB with responsibility for Curriculum, Quality of teaching and safeguarding.

Statutory responsibility lies with the SENDAT Trustees

Good Governance is key to the development and implementation of the strategic direction and leadership within SENDAT; are a critical friend to the head of academy; integral in the establishment and implementation of the academy vision; and support, question, challenge and hold the academy to account. Their strategic input and oversight makes a difference in improving standards across all aspects of the work of the academy. Vitally, the board ensure that the total resources of the academy are allocated to achieve best value for money and highest progress and standards. If you are interested in becoming a member of our governance team or would like more details, please contact the Head of School or SENDAT CEO. 

Stone Lodge Academy LAB Members: 

LAB Member Responsibility Representation  Appointment & Resignation
Josie FinchLAB ChairCommunity27/05/21
Lawrence Chapman CEO 01/09/13
Claire BrickleyHead of SchoolStone Lodge Academy01/09/22
Graham CowlesGovernance ProfessionalTrust 
Scott GaskinsExec Head 01/01/23