The Department for Education provides additional funding to schools in the form of the Pupil Premium in order that specific groups of pupils aged between 5 and 16, who may be disadvantaged by virtue of the family circumstances, can be supported in their progress and attainment.

Funding is received for pupils who are:

  • Eligible for free school meals

  • ‘Looked after’ i.e. in care or fostered

  • From a service family i.e. Army, Navy or RAF

The Pupil Premium funding that the Department for Education provides is not necessarily intended to be specifically allocated to individual pupils and schools have the freedom to decide how it can be best spent to ensure that the maximum number of pupils are supported. There may well be a limited impact that the individual sum allocated to each pupil can achieve and for this reason, the funds allocated to Stone Lodge Academy have been pooled to maximise their impact, although individual needs are taken into account when planning how to use the resources. This is the approach many schools take to using this additional funding.

A copy of the latest Pupil Premium Report can also be viewed by clicking here.