The DfE provides additional funding to schools in the form of Year 7 Catch up in order that specific groups of Year 7 pupils, who may be disadvantaged by virtue of family circumstances, can be supported in their progress and attainment. 

The funding that the DfE provides is not necessarily intended to be specifically allocated to individual pupils. Schools have the freedom to decide how it can best be spent to ensure that the maximum number of pupils are supported. 

The funds for the academic year 2019- 2020 for Stone Lodge was £11,980. This has been spent on supporting our children in the following ways: 

Intervention team 

Literacy, Numeracy, Nurture, Sensory, ASD, Behaviour management, Augmented communication support in small groups or 1:1 to support cognition and learning, communication and interaction, social, emotional, mental health needs of students.