Consistent formatting for school / provision information on websites and local offer

Feedback from Families and Family Services team suggests that they would find it much clearer if all schools /colleges / provisions had a standard set of heading that they use to describe their offer.

School Name - Sunrise

Number of places and age range

Sunrise has 56 places ages 10-16

The primary need that the school / provision caters for

    1. ☐ Communication and interaction -no
    2. Cognition and Learning
      1. ☐ MLD – No
      2. ☐ SLD – No
  • ☐ PMLD – no
  1. ☐ Sensory and Physical – no
  2. Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) – YES

Do students need to have “average” cognition?

At Sunrise we would expect that some young people are within average cognitive range and some are have lower than average cognition as part of their needs.

Average class size and staffing model

At Keystages two we aim to have class sizes of 6. There is a teacher and a member of support staff.

At keystages three and four the maximum class size is 6. There is a teacher and a member of support staff.

Brief description of the curriculum offer.

At Sunrise we are mainly delivering the Yellow curriculum pathway, we offer support on the Red and Green pathways and extend students on the white pathway. For more information on the pathways please see

At Key stage one and two most of the lessons are class based.

At Key stage three, four and five most students will move between teachers for different subjects. Students on the green pathway will have more lessons with their class teacher.

Specialist spaces at the school / provision

    1. ☐ Swimming pool – no unfortunately we do not have a swimming pool on site. we do access the local leisure pool
    2. ☐ Sensory room (s), No
    3. ☐ other please give details. 

The average number of places available each year

At Sunrise we usually expect to have about 10 places mainly from students leaving at year 11.

How can a school tour be booked.

For SENDAT schools the dates of tours and booking information is on this page

Other Information and links

Sunrise SEND Information Report –  Please click here