We believe in keeping uniform as simple as possible. You can buy the uniform from anywhere you want.
We sell badges at £1 per badge for uniform tops - see instructions below
You can buy badges on Arbor pay. For new families please order through the office

Year 7

White, Navy Blue or Black 

Plain polo shirts and Plain sweatshirts/hoodie

Dark blue or black trousers / skirt/ joggers

Black shoes (trainer style shoes are ok as long as they are the leather type

Year 8-9

Recommended  White, Navy Blue or Black

Plain polo shirts and plain sweatshirts/hoodie

Dark blue or black trousers/ Joggers / skirt

Black shoes/ Trainer style as long as they are the leather type)

Key Stage 4

No Uniform for years 10 and 11

Please ensure that the clothes worn do not have swear words or other inappropriate words or pictures on.


Iron-on School Logo Application

  1. Switch OFF steam settings
  2. Use heat resistant worksurface eg work top – NOT ironing board
  3. Set iron to HOTTEST setting
  4. Place thin cloth eg Tea Towel on surface place garment (eg polo shirt) on cloth
  5. DAMP the area where the badge will be using damp sponge/cloth – MUST NOT BE WET JUST DAMP
  6. Place the badge in required position with glue side facing the garment.
  7. Cover badge with another thin cloth
  8. Place hot iron on cloth above badge and press as firmly as possible for around 45-60 seconds. DO NOT MOVE the iron around – hold still. This melts the glue and attaches the badge to the garment
  9. Let cool
  10. Turn garment inside out and repeat process on the rear of the badge
  11. Allow to cool

Priory School would recommend you add a stitch or two to the badge

Note: Wash garments at low temperature, if the badge becomes loose it can be reattached by repeating the steps above.

Warning – Children should not try to iron on the badges on their own.  Irons are dangerous and should only be used by an adult or under supervision.