Angel Hill College is part of Priory School post 16 offer......

SENDAT is pleased to support the expansion of the Priory School Sixth Form. The Sixth Form will now be available on two sites. The Red Pathway offer will continue at Priory School site and the new Green and Blue Pathways offer will be based at our second site called Angel Hill College. Both sites make up the Priory School Sixth Form.
Red Pathway: predominately based at Priory School site. In the main this will be for students following an Entry Level Pathway at Year 11. Courses offered will be from Entry Level 1 through to Level 1/2 based on cohort. Within this, two Pathways for accreditation will remain, an Entry Level 1-2 Pathway and Entry level 3+ Pathway.
Green and Blue Pathways: predominantly based at Angel Hill College site. In the main this will be for students who were following the Green Pathway in Year 11 which is mostly at pre-entry level and their accreditation is from mostly Entry Level 1 and below. From September 2020 all students at Angel Hill College will be on the roll of Priory School. Mrs Killa is the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Sixth Form across both sites.

  • Weekly offer at Angel Hill College
  • Sixth Form 5 days per week offer
  • Maths and English at least 3 days per week working towards accreditation in addition to the practical application of skills
  • One day per week work experience or work-related enterprise activity
  • One day per week: physical, volunteering – including fundraising or skills-based activity day – linked to the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the focus of which will regularly
  • Curriculum to include PSHE, ASDAN short course Living Independently units, for example, Earning and Spending Money, Health and Wellbeing and Practical Cooking Skills, and Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze, Silver or Gold
  • Alongside accreditation, a Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA) curriculum will be on offer, which enables those students for whom accreditation is not appropriate to have a person centred curriculum which is regularly reviewed to ensure progress is made towards personal and EHC plan targets.
  • This curriculum involves using literacy and numeracy skills in real-life situations, supported living to include skills such as shopping and cooking, a health and sensory focus to include keeping fit, healthy and safe, with access to sensory activities and fine and gross motor skills activities and involvement in work experience or work-related enterprise activity
  • The location of Angel Hill College is ideal for easy access to the community to enable social and community skill development across all curricula.
  • The facilities allow for increased independence within the college environment to prepare own drinks and lunches for example and opportunities to socialise across all learning groups
  • The enclosed garden gives the college access to outside activities such as gardening and a space for practical skills such as woodworking projects
  • The timetable runs in conjunction with the Sixth Form on the Priory School site at Mount Road and the expectations of learning and behaviour are the same.