SENDAT Outreach is pleased to announce new guidance Secondary Literacy

This free guidance is a combination of resources from The Suffolk Outreach team and the learning outcomes taken from the Department of Education guidance for “Subject content functional skills: English”. The advice and activities suggested in this document have been matched to the English Functional skills, Entry level 1, 2 and 3.

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This guidance is designed to support staff who have identified students whose level of need requires that their “curriculum is designed to be ambitious and to meet their needs”*. This is a practical guide to literacy that could be used across the whole curriculum for those students with “high levels of SEND”*. This resource has been written to assist with curriculum planning across all secondary subject areas and by all secondary teachers. It could also be used by teaching assistants as part a small group intervention. Click the image to the right to download

This scheme in no way attempts to be comprehensive but aims to offer some ideas of the different areas of literacy development. There are a small range of possible teaching activities to promote the development of these skills which can be used as starting points. It is intended that you use it as a springboard for ideas to adapt in your own settings and subjects. We have included an appendix of suggested resources and web links to support the development of your own resources.

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