SENDAT Outreach is pleased to announce new guidance Pre-Key Stage Literacy

These free guides are a combination of resources from The Suffolk Outreach team, and up-to-date advice from the pre-key-stage-standards. The learning goals and activities suggested in this document have been matched to the Pre key stage standards (PKSS). These booklets have been designed to help teaching staff plan literacy activities for these pupils; enabling them to practise skills and giving you suggestions that inform your assessment of their progress. Pupils working in P1-4 are considered to be working below subject specific standards, and need a more specialist curriculum based around their individual needs. The subject specific standards range from 1-4 in Key stage 1 and match as shown in the table below. These documents contain guidance for Standards 1, 2, 3 and 4.

New Introductory video from Vicky Platt. Gives you some ideas of how to make use of the booklets.

Please click on the tabs below to select your download. Letters and Sounds resources are grouped by phase.