Our vision is to develop well-rounded individuals who can go forward into their adult lives prepared for the work environment and capable of being independent and productive citizens.

We believe that high quality education is best achieved when the needs of each individual pupil – social, emotional, spiritual and educational – are considered to be paramount. Through focusing on pupils as individuals, we will aim to tailor challenging and enjoyable educational programmes to directly meet their needs and to truly personalise learning.

We will work with each pupil, their parents / carers and other professionals to understand, and work to overcome, each pupil’s particular barriers to learning, so they can achieve their full potential within a secure and caring environment.

We will develop our capacity as a special academy school to enhance the range of experiences available to our pupils and offer them increasing opportunities for personal, social, intellectual and physical development through both our day and residential provision. Linked to this, we will continue to work with the wider community to ensure Chalk Hill has central place within it.

We believe that improving the quality of education will be an ongoing process which involves monitoring, reflection and evaluation, leading to enhancement of best practice. We embrace the use of new technology to provide new opportunities for learning and teaching.

We intend to ensure that Chalk Hill will continue to play a significant role in promoting the development of special needs locally, regionally and nationally

We promote politeness and mutual respect towards all members of our community and are fully committed to promoting disability equality.

Purpose, Values and Ethos

Chalk Hill is for boys aged between 8 and 14 who have been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion from mainstream schools. We believe that with the right support for their Social, Emotional and/or Mental Health needs, these children and young people can learn to change their behaviour, re-engage positively with learning and prepare for life as a successful learner, employee and citizen.

Most of our students have experienced difficulty, disturbance or trauma in their childhood. We believe that no young person should be defined by their past, but that with courage and commitment they can transform their future.

We aim to provide a caring, supportive and challenging learning environment in which students will overcome their barriers to learning, reintegrate successfully into their local mainstream schools or another appropriate education provider, and into the community.

This is brought about by:

  1. A trauma-informed ethos and approach
  2. An accelerated, targeted Individual Learning Plan
  3. Targeted intervention and support to address each child’s specific Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs
  4. Access to a broad and balanced school curriculum
  5. 24-hour support Monday morning to Friday afternoon in the case of boarders
  6. Close liaison and positive support work with parents and carers
  7. Close working with external agencies such as Social Services, Educational Psychologists, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Youth Offending and Suffolk County Council Children and Young People’s Services
  8. Supported transition to the next school or learning provider

The length of time students spend at Chalk Hill depends on their needs and circumstances. Some spend two to three terms with us, with the aim of making a successful and supported return to mainstream school. However, boys often spend longer at Chalk Hill, preparing to move on to the education provider that is right for them.

Boarding places will be offered to children designated as having Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs whose life at home and/or in the community impact adversely upon their engagement with education.