We believe in keeping uniform as simple as possible. You can buy the uniform from anywhere you want.
We sell badges at £1 per badge for uniform tops - see instructions below
You can buy badges on Arbor pay. For new families please order through the office


Navy Blue Polo Shirt 

Navy Blue sweatshirts

Grey trousers / skirt

Black shoes

White, grey or black socks/tights

High School

Black Polo Shirt 

Black sweatshirts

black trousers / skirt

Black shoes

White, grey of black socks/tights

Sports / Scouts Equipment: 

All students will have a scouting experience whilst at Duke of Lancaster. Their PE top will also be their scout top.

  • Key Stage 1 light blue polo shirt  – Beaver scouts 
  • Key Stage 2 Bright Green polo shirt  Cub scouts
  • Key Stage 3 Dark Green polo shirt – Scouts
  • Key Stage 4 Purple polo shirt – Explorers
  • Dark Green fleece
  • Black Shorts
  • Trainers 
  • White socks    
  • Black joggers/track suit bottoms 
  • Small sports bag to store clothes 

Classroom Equipment: 

  • All students in Year 5 and above should have their own pencil case. 
  • This should contain hand writing pencils, colouring pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, small ruler, black and blue biro.  
  • Water bottle  
  • School planner 
  • Small school bag to carry equipment to and from school 

School will provide emergency supplies when necessary. However it is good practice and an excellent independence skill for pupils to learn to come to lessons prepared for learning.  


  • Acceptable jewellery – Watch, one pair small stud earrings, simple necklace 
  • Make up – It is not necessary to wear make up for school. However I understand that for some of our young people it is important for their emotional well-being. If make up is worn it should be discreet and look natural  
  • Hair – Neat and tidy hair styles suitable for range of activities. Natural hair colours only. 

The staff at Duke of Lancaster appreciate your support in reinforcing these expectations with your son/daughter. Following these guidelines in a school environment helps support student understanding of future work place rules and regulations. 

Please name all clothing and equipment. It is very difficult to return found items or find lost items when no name is visible! 

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 3 

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 4