Our evening activity programme is designed to support and enhance the children’s education and further develop their social and independence skills. They have the opportunity of taking part in onsite activities such as indoor and outdoor games, arts and crafts, cosmic yoga, zumba, baking and cooking etc and offsite activities that may include, going for a walk in the local area, swimming trips, bowling trips etc. The students are able to select an activity they would like to participate in each evening. 

The care staff also support homework  and reading sessions throughout the week.

Daily procedures

Television: We have televisions in both boarding houses although we do encourage the students to use their free time to interact and socialise rather than regularly watch television. Care Staff will be aware of what is being viewed and be available for comments and discussions regarding any programmes watched. We occasionally have themed ‘DVD’ evenings and all films shown in the boarding houses will be age appropriate and certificate ratings will always be adhered to.

Make–up: Students may experiment with make–up during their free time in the evenings. Older pupils may wear discreet make-up on trips outside school in the evenings.

Clothing: All clothing brought into school must be clearly named. All students should wear school uniform during the day and are asked to change into casual clothes after school. Underclothes and t-shirts are changed daily and other clothing as and when necessary. Slippers and a dressing gown need to be provided as the students re-join the living area after baths. (These items are also needed if we go outside, day or night, to a safe area if the fire alarm is activated). Students are not allowed to exchange clothing.

Please ensure that sufficient clothing is sent in. Even students staying one night a week require a second uniform in case of accidents.

Belongings from home: The school cannot be held responsible for loss of or damage to personal possessions brought from home, for example, hand held computer games, mobile phones, books, toys etc. These items should be handed in to staff for safekeeping. The items will be logged in and out by a member of staff and the student.   Students will not be allowed to recharge batteries/hand held computer games etc on school premises.

Food within boarding: Any food brought in from home must be handed to staff for storing as food is not permitted in the bedrooms. Students may then have it at appropriate times; for example, they may take a drink or a piece of fruit to school for break times.

Students will be offered snacks and drinks within the boarding houses at appropriate times.

Any cooking that has taken place within day school will be kept in the kitchen area of the boarding houses, or frozen, until either eaten or taken home.

Bathing Routines: Students are expected to bath or shower daily and will be discreetly supervised by staff. Teeth are cleaned first thing in the morning, after every meal and before bed. Hair is washed as and when required, with help if necessary.

Daily Care Requirements: Students requiring a higher level of supervision (e.g. those with medical/physical needs) will be identified on their Placement Plan and we will discuss with parents/carers any additional support required.

‘Intimate and Personal Care’ will be discussed with students, parents/carers and introduced if required.

Personal bed spaces: The students are encouraged to socialise as this is usually one of the main reasons for residence but private time is available if requested.

Telephone calls: We would encourage all parents/carers who wish to contact their child to do so using the school land line between 19.00 and 20.00 if possible as students are usually in their own boarding houses during this time. Any student who wants to contact home can also do this via the school land line.

Mobile phone use: Mobile phones are the individual’s responsibility and all students are asked to hand them in, switched off, when they arrive in boarding.

Student’s responsibilities: All residential students are asked to take turns doing small tasks each day which may include laying a meal table, collecting laundry, emptying waste paper baskets, preparing and tidying up supper. Each student is responsible for making and changing their own beds, with help if needed, and keeping their bed spaces and wardrobes tidy. They are encouraged to personalise their bed spaces. Staff will encourage the students to respect their living area and tidy up after themselves.

Pocket money: In general is not needed. If we require contributions towards a specific activity we will let you know and when received we will provide you with a receipt.

Bullying: We take all bullying incidents very seriously and we work hard to teach students the social skills that will enable them to cope with social situations in which they may feel uncomfortable or threatened. All bullying incidents are recorded and monitored.

Rewards and sanctions: Merit stickers may be given for reading/homework, healthy eating and looking smart. The Residential Department award a ‘Star of the Week’ in each boarding house. This is presented to the students during the Friday afternoon assembly.

Students may miss activities or have time out if their behaviour is unacceptable. All sanctions will be recorded in the residential sanction book and parents/carers will always be informed of any serious incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

On the first day of boarding, students will be met and shown to their boarding house (either Priory House or Abbey House). Both boarding houses are of mixed gender and follow the same house routines and policies.

  • Please see the last page for a full list of clothes required depending on the amount of nights you stay.
  • Toiletries – Face cloth, towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, bubble bath/shower gel, brush/comb (roll on deodorant, talc, conditioner, sanitary towels etc if required – Aerosols are not permitted).
  • A teddy, blanket or cushion as a home comfort if required.
  • PE kit/swim kit if the appropriate day falls within your boarding placement.

Students bring their boarding bags into their assigned house (Priory House or Abbey House) in the morning when they arrive at school. Students collect their boarding bags from the front of school at the end of the school day.