We are 8 WhoAsksUs Year 10 students who attend The Priory School, Bury. For our project we looked at the following issues:

  • Young People Pathways and Where We See Ourselves Both Now and In The Future:
    • Our Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations
  • Employment, Housing, Health and Relationships
    • Going to College, Getting a Job, Having a House and Having a Relationship
  • The Post-16 Pathway
    • What Support is Given To Us at College
    • What Are Our Employments Prospects and What Support do Employers Give Us

For our project we have interviewed sixth from studetns and teachers at The Priory and some of our parents.

We wanted to visit businesses where we might find employement work in the future and have been to Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Sudbury, Sainsbury in Bury, The Apex is Bury and Glasswells in Ipswich. We also visited West Suffolk College to interview students who used to attend our School.

We held a film screening for students, teachers, parents, employers and local authority representatives and if you would like to see our film, please click here.